data sheets, technical specifications, and 3D model files

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we have gathered some engineering resources below which we hope you will find useful.  They are vendor neutral, though related to manufacturing where our products are often applied (like lean 5S initiatives)

Stack Light Wikipedia Page

AndOn Wikipedia Page  and  Lean Manufacturing Wikipedia Page

Control Design Panel Review of Traditional Machine Indicator Technologies

Control Design Panel Review of Stack Lights impact on Machine Efficiency

Control Design Panel Review of Machine Alarming Strategies

Machine Alarming Wikipedia Page (nice summary reference)

 ISA Standard for Alarm Management, Process & Discrete Machines (link only, purchased doc)


got some valuable engineering content related to efficiency in manufacturing, alarm management, lean/5S or other disciplines you think might be useful?  please click the contact us button and send us a link.   if on point, we will add it to this web page.  Happy Engineering!