Find Answers below to Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?

Lenses are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear and Natural. Natural is a ‘cloud’ type color with different colored LED’s which adds contrast in the off-to-on transition.

 How many color segments are possible?
In fixed pre-assembled units, 1 to 5 segments are possible in any color arrangement.
What is the 'AIC' illuminated buzzer option?
This option illuminates the cap where the buzzer is installed.  It's controlled separate from the buzzer, so it can be an extra color segment or activated when the buzzer is activated.  This is useful for areas where a number of audible buzzers are located allowing operators to know which buzzer is activated.  Any color is possible.
Are these LED or Incandescent Light Sources?
All Series are offered with very bright, long life LED's.  The 257 Series includes an option for Xenon Incandescent bulbs.
How are the products sold?
There are options to purchasing.  Products may be bought at our on-line store or via out industrial controls distributors.  Distributors interested in carrying our product can contact us to discuss. 
 What voltages are available?
All products are offered at 24Vdc.  The 251 Series is offered in 120Vac and 230Vac.  Contact us for 12Vdc options
Do I have to order sinking or sourcing?
No.  Units powered with 24Vdc are bi-polar and allow for sink (npn) or source (pnp) wiring.  
Can PLC transistor outputs control these directly?
In general, yes.  The current per indicator light segments ranges from ~40mA to ~160mA.   Be sure to check the PLC's output bank max current rating against the total load on the bank in worst case load conditions
Are units fused internally?
No.  If the application requires it, fuses must be installed separately.  See the Electrical Specs for the specific series for details.  
What materials are these made of?
The units are principally made of metal.  The base is cast aluminum, polished and finished with nickel plating.  The housing is polished 304 Stainless Steel.  304SS is our standard, which we can make with the best lead times and no minimums.
Other units are carbon steel with nickel plated finish or powder coat to color.  Since finishing is done by our suppliers, minimum orders may apply and lead times of 2-4 weeks should be planned for.   We usually build 'extras' for inventory, so you will often see steel housing units available for purchase from stock.
Why do you offer the option for carbon steel housing?
There are two reasons.  First, it can cost 5-7% less to purchase.  Secondly, this allows flexibility to offer the products in colors to match our clients requirements. Powder coat white or black looks really nice, and you may see that in our on line inventory regularly.   Nickel plated polished steel looks really nice too.  Because the finishing is outsourced, minimums apply and lead times of 2-4 weeks are typical. 
How do I mount these?
The standard 151, 152, 251, 252 and 257 units have an internal female threaded mounting hole.  This is a 1/2-14 NPSM Trade size and is 3/4 of an inch in depth.
The 1510 short housing variation has the internal 1/2-14 NPSM thread and a 30mm external thread.  A number of accessories are available for common mounting methods including direct panel mounting, base mounting with a pole, pole mounting with a jam nut, and wall mounting.  
1/2-14 NPSM thread is a mechanical fit straight thread, not an NPT type tapered thread.  Nylon/Plastic cord grips will comply enough to thread into the unit and may be used much like our flange nut for panel mounting.
For 80-20 type structural extrusion, the following brackets were designed to marry up with common t-slot dimensions.
15X Series Wall Mount Bracket #LB-304SS
25x Series Wall Mount Bracket #LB-25x-304SS
10HS or 10HT for Pole Mount to Horizontal Extrusion
10VT for Pole Mount to Vertical Extrusion
10U for Pole Mount to Extrusion in about any orientation