About Onyx Industries

Onyx Industries is a manufacturer of Machine Controls Systems and LED Lighting products.  All of our products are manufactured in our facility located in Hastings, Minnesota (USA).  This is a family business and our goals are simple:

  • offer high quality products suitable for harsh industrial environments
  • offer products that enhance the appearance of a machine
  • design products that are flexible and adaptable to customer requirements

With these goals in mind, our products are designed primarily with metal housings using plastics only for lenses & optics.

Our product offering started as the Lite*Stix Signal Tower, launched by my parents company, Industrial Signal Systems Co. in 1996.  In 2007, ISSCo merged with my controls integration company, Onyx Industries.  We immediately began the effort to upgrade & expand the product offering.  2012 saw the first release of the Command Tower metal housing indicator lights.  Onyx uses the tag line, "makers of industrial signal systems & controls" which purposely references the original designers of our first products (Industrial Signal Systems).  It serves as a reminder of their effort and energy to build their small business.

The original Lite*Stix product has been re-designed internally using our patented optical diffusing technology.  Today, it is the 257 Series.  

We look forward to offering new & unique products to the market as we continue to grow.  Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions at lee@onyx-industries.com or (01+) 651-260-7115.  As always, thank you for your consideration of Onyx Industries products and services.

Lee Clore
Owner/Controls Designer
Onyx Industries