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How to order?
There are a number of ways to place orders with Onyx Industries, including:
  1. With our distributors
  2. On-line with our website. Once you're logged in, accessories may be added to your cart in the accessory page. You may configure
     an indicator light with our configuration tool in the order page. This tool will enable/disable available options as you build the unit out.
     Previously replaced orders can be recalled and used to create new orders.
 3. Via purchase orders to or faxed to (USA) 651.304.1224. Purchase orders with terms are subject to review.

For best service and attention, we encourage customers to work with our distributors where available.

How are on-line orders processed?
Once you begin the check out procedure, you may select an ordering method. Supported ordering methods include:
  1. Order with Purchase Order by Selecting the "Purchase Order" Option and entering your PO number.
    Ordering with a Purchase Order is subject to review and may require references and/or tax exemption
    forms depending on your location. Terms are Net 30, FOB Factory (Hastings, Minnesota, USA).

  2. Credit Card orders are accepted and processed with PayPal Merchant Services, which accepts a wide range of
    creditcards with a high level of security. Select the "Send Web Invoice for Credit Card Payment" option at
    time of check out. Shortly after you click submit, we will email an invoice to the email address entered with
    a link to enter payment data via PayPal Merchant Services. Orders over $2000 USD are subject to a 2%
    processing fee when paying by credit card. We use this service because it provides buyers exceptional
    flexibility, allows for accurate shipping costs, and is very secure.

What is the illumination source?
All Series of Command Towers utilize long life high output LED’s as their illumination source. The P257 Series offers an option for Xenon Automotive duty Incandescent Bulbs.

What materials are Command Towers made from?
The standard bases are solid die cast aluminum with either an electro-less nickel plating or black powder coat finish. The housing is single, machined part offered in polished 304SS, or carbon steel with a either electro-less nickel or black powder coat finish. All electro-less nickel finishes are high phosphor with excellent corrosion resistance. Optionally, aluminum bases can be substituted with 304SS (call for more information).

The base of the P257 Series consists of a polycarbonate shell with an Electro-less nickel finished aluminum baseplate flange.

All Lenses are a Colored Polycarbonate.

Electro-less Nickel Finish (Reference: Electro-less Nickel Finish)

The 151, 152, 251, and 252 have permanently marked nameplate data.

The P257 Series uses a pressure sensitive label for nameplate data.

What colors are available?
Illuminated Lenses are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear and Natural. Natural is a ‘cloud’ type color that allows different colored LED’s behind it creating further contrast in the off-to-on transition. All lenses make use of our patented light diffusing technology to create even, radial presentation of light with high luminous intensity for definitive on-off transition.

How many illuminated segments are supported on a single unit?
All units support 1 to 5 illuminated segments in any color sequence. Optionally, the 251 & 252 Series can have an illuminated buzzer top cap. This can act to add an extra illuminated segment or a means of adding visual illumination when the buzzer is activated. The illuminated buzzer cap is the natural color with any colored LED as the source.

What voltages do Command Towers come in?
151, 152, 251 and 252 Series are 24Vdc +/-20%
251 Series is also available in 120Vac and 230Vac
P257 Series with LED’s is available in 24Vdc
P257 Series with Xenon Bulbs is available in either 12Vdc or 24Vdc

How are units marked?
Stainless Steel and Electro-less Nickel Plated Steel units are permanently marked. There are no labels or silk screens to wear off. Nameplate markings include model number, voltage/current demand, build date and wiring schematic.
Powder coated carbon steel units have a 1.5x3 stainless tag that is permanently marked. The tag is affixed to the housing with sealed rivets.

Can segments be added to units in the field?
No. The Command Tower is not designed to be taken apart. It is designed for heavy industry use and therefore, dis-assembly is not supported. If you find that an extra segment is required after initial installation, please contact us and we’ll discuss an exchange. Typically a unit in good shape that has been recently delivered can be exchanged for one with the additional segments for about the cost difference between the two units. This excludes customized units or units with odd color configurations.

How are the units sealed?
Units are sealed at the base, cap and lenses. The 151, 152, 251, 252 Series are designed to operate with IP65 Compatibility. Note, we are in the process of obtaining 3rd party environmental compatibility testing approvals. Until the third party approvals are complete, we suggest not using these in wash-down applications. The P257 should only be used where the requirements are for dry, dust tight environment.

Are any units offered with incandescent bulbs?
Yes, the P257 Command Tower may be ordered with either LED’s or Incadescent Bulbs. The bulbs are 3 Watt Xenon automotive duty units in a festoon package. They are available in 12vdc or 24Vdc. There are [2] per segment. Bulbs are replaced by removing the units cap (held in place by two captivating fasteners) allowing access to the bulb clips.

How are Command Towers Mounted?
All Series of Command Towers (151, 152, 251, 252 & P257) have a ½-14NPS Internal Thread. This is a Standard Mechanical Straight Pipe Thread. It is simple and provides convenient, rigid mounting. Mounting options include:
Pole Mount with Threaded Compression Fitting
Direct Mount with Flanged Nut #1/2NPS-FN
Pole with Jam Nuts to various mounting brackets
Pole with Threaded Base Mount Flange (#BMF 1/2-14)

What are Command Tower Poles made of?
All poles are made from Schedule 40 Pipe. Standard lengths of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 inches are made from steel, polished and nickel plated. Custom lengths may be made from 6061 aluminum (polished and nickel plated). Both ends are threaded with 1/2-14 NPS pipe mechanical straight threads. We recommend installing with Teflon Tape if necessary.

What Mounting Poles options are offered from Onyx Industries?
We offer standar lengths of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 inch long poles, which have 1/2-14 NPS mechanical straight threads on both ends and are nickel plated steel. Other lengths are available, but note that specials may be made from 6061 aluminum. We have supplied special lengths previously of up to 12 feet long. Coupling nuts for pole extensions are available (inquire with factory). Short, threaded stub shafs are available too. M22 threaded poles are available upon request. Note that M12 quick disconnect connectors fit through all poles and accessories supplied by Onyx Industries.

Do you have to use Pole Assemblies from Onyx Industries?
No, customers are free to fabricate their own pole assemblies. The internal thread is a standard 1/2-14 NPS mechanical straight thread. A depth of 0.75 inches is suitable engagement to the base of a Command Tower Indicator Light or any of the mounting accessories. It is not recommended to fabricate poles with a thread roller as this may compress the stock down too narrow to fit M12 connectors through. Rather, use a thread mill or other means to cut threads.

Another simple way to mount, which is a good option when determining length in the field, is to use raw pole stock and fit the ends with threaded compression fittings. To do this, simply cut and square the ends of standard 1/2 inch trade size Schedule 40 pipe to length. Then attach (squarely) a rain-tight rigid thick wall type compression fitting like a Raco #1802 to the end of the pipe. Command Tower Indicators receive the threaded end of these fittings quite well.

Raco Fittings

What are the electrical connection options?
Command Tower Indicators are manufactured with PVC jacketed multi-conductor cables. This includes standard flex rated cable for all products listed as Standard Configurations. High flex duty cable is available as an option. M12 style quick disconnect cables (sometimes called Eurofast or Micro-Change) are available as an option. Onyx Industries currently uses M12 cable from Turck as they fit through all of our poles and mounting brackets. M12 cables are installed as a 6 inch pigtail from the base of the unit unless otherwise requested. Units with 3 or less illuminated segments (including the illuminated cap option if selected in the 251 or 252 series) will ship with a 5 pin M12 connector. Units with 5 or more illuminated segments (again, including the illuminated cap), will ship with an 8 pin M12. The M12 coming out of the base of a Command Tower is always male pins. We offer as a convenience the female M12 field side cables, or you may supply your own.

Do Connectors fit through the Pole Assemblys?
M12 connectors on the Command Towers do fit through the poles. The D-Shell connectors do not fit through the poles. Note, Schedule 40 Pipe with rolled threads may compress the pipe I.D. too small for the M12 to fit through. For that reason, we recommend a thread mill or Rigid type thread cutter should you wish to produce threads on the pipe itself AND feed through the M12 Connectors.

How are units wired?
Wiring diagrams may be found at the following link: Electrical Reference on DC units and Neutral on AC units. The Blue Wire is always the Buzzer Alarm connection. Units with 1-3 illuminated segments use a 5 wire cable. Units with 4-5 illuminated segments use a 8 wire cable. Note that a 3 Segment 251 Series unit with the illuminated cap option will have an 8 wire cable in order to support control of the illuminated cap.

How are Command Towers ordered?
Command Towers may be ordered from Onyx Industries. The part number key simplifies part numbering codes. Our on-line part number configuration tool will automatically generate a standard part number & allows secure on-line ordering. Orders can be reviewed and repeated in the future by accessing your on-line order history. Orders can also be placed by calling us at 651-204-0797 or via fax at 651-304-1224.

What is the lead-time of Command Towers?
Onyx Industries maintains inventory of the most popular selling items that are ready to ship. 304SS units typically ship in 3-5 days ARO. Carbon Steel and Powder Coated units typically ship in 1-2 weeks ARO.

Will Onyx Industries customize units?
Yes, we often times can customize units for specific requirements. Typical requests include customer specified connectors & unique poles. Under certain circumstances, we can provide housings powder coated to customer specific colors or housings marked with customer specific nameplate & graphics data. Onyx Industries also has many years of automation systems integration experience. We’ve designed and built PLC & Motion Control solutions for Custom Automation Equipment. When appropriate, Onyx Industries can provide custom designed automation solutions for alarming with the Command Tower Indicator Lights. We are experienced with:
PLC’s from Control Technology Corp (Ctc), Schneider/Modicon, and Horner Electric
Motion Control using Ctc, Schneider/Modicon, Copley Controls, Emerson, and Baldor.
AC Drive Systems using ABB VFD’s
VB.Net & Java

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